The Copy Ninja

Subject: Naruto: Hatake Kakashi
Rank: #1 Favorite Male Animanga Character
Shrine?: Yes
Rejections: 1
In the Beginning

Well before I get into why Kakashi, how about I start off from the very beginning. I first discovered Naruto through a forum that I can't even remember the name of. I read some people's posts and, since my obsession with ninjas started with Flame of Recca, I decided 'hey, I gave Recca a chance, let's give another ninja series a try.' So I made the stupid choice of buying the first volume of an edited version of the Naruto dub. Even though it was edited, I liked it. I was immediately drawn to Sasuke Uchiha, hated Naruto, and found Sakura very annoying. Not a great start huh? After finishing the DVD, Which ended on a cliffhanger with episode 4, I cast the series aside because the Flame of Recca DVD's were much more important to me than finding out what would happen next.

A Second Chance

In 2007 I had finally completed my Flame of Recca anime collection with the tenth DVD. I was at borders with the final DVD in my hands, very excited to see how much changed between anime and manga, when I decided to walk through the rest of the anime section. That was when I saw the Naruto Uncut Volume 1 boxed set. I remembered the cliffhanger at that moment and that I had some borders bucks and a coupon so I decided 'what the heck' and bought it too.

One Cool Jounin

First off, I immediately noticed the parts cut out of the earlier DVD I bought. Second, I still didn't like Naruto all that much and still found Sakura annoying. The only character I liked was Sasuke, he was the reason I wanted to find out what happened next. Well, my reactions were exactly the same after watching the first four episodes as they were with the old DVD. I then watched episode five and by the end finally took notice of the silver haired Jounin, Kakashi Hatake. I never really thought about him at first until I saw that episode. His quote after passing Team 7 really hit me. You see, I'm one of those people that thinks very highly of friends and friendship, so when Kakashi said: "Those who break the rules are garbage, that's true. But, those who abandon their friends are worse than garbage," I had to agree with Naruto, he was kind of cool.

Discovering a New Favorite

It was during the Zabuza arc that I REALLY took notice of the Copy Ninja. Sure, the Sharingan was cool and all, but it was his protectiveness towards his students that stood out most to me. I don't know exactly when during that arc or what truly sparked it, but by the end of the arc Kakashi had kicked Sasuke out of the number one spot on my favorite characters list.

The Reasons He Rules

It's kind of hard to pinpoint the EXACT reason why I like Kakashi. Maybe it's his voice, always calm and soothing, both English and Japanese ones. Maybe it's his protectiveness for those around him, or the mysterious person his is, always keeping himself hidden from others. Or maybe it's the subtle sarcasm and his goofy way of doing things. Plus his past is so sad, yet so interesting, (yes I'm obsessed with Kakashi Gaiden too). Now that I think about it, maybe it has most to do with Kakashi's past. I remember feeling sorry for Sasuke, but when he started using his past as an excuse to act the way he does I started to get really annoyed. Kakashi's past is just as tragic as Sasuke's, if not more. Sasuke lost his family, but he has his team and countless others. Kakashi on the other hand, not only lost his family but also his second family, his teammates. But you don't see Kakashi using that as excuse, you don't see him throwing that in another's face to get a point across, except when Sasuke threatened to kill everyone he loved that is. So yeah, I can't point out the main thing that makes him a top favorite to me, but I've given a good amount of reasons that do.