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My online names

First off, my real name is Suzie, but online I'm Rika24, Kaida Spirit, or Rikafire. So if you ever come across someone on a forum or site with one of those names it MIGHT be me.

Why these names?

Rika24: Rika24 came from the dub name of Ruki Makino from Digimon Tamers. She had been my number one favorite Digimon character since Tamers first aired in the US (2002 maybe). And the number 24 is my lucky number and my birthday.

Rikafire: It was the new title of my digimon website (originally known as Ultimate Digimon), There really isn't anything special about it, I just combined the name Rika with my favorite element, fire. But now that I think about it, Ruki has a very firey personality doesn't she ^_^;

Kaida Spirit: Now this is an odd one. I have always loved coming up with strange names and when I wanted to make a new account on Neopets because I wanted four Lupes, I made up a name, kaida, I found out that it was taken (which was strange to me since I thought it was original) so I just added "spirit" to Kaida and got Kaida_Spirit. Not odd right? well, here is the strange part. When I wanted to get a Japanese name for one of my fanfictions, I decided to look up female names that meant "dragon" (because dragons are my favorite animals next to wolves), so I got the results in a Japanese baby names site and in the list was Kaida, which means: "little dragon!" Awesome isn't it? I swear, I never knew it was an actual word ^_^ So Kaida Spirit means "little dragon spirit."

Other stuff

Birthday: March 24th
Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
#1 Favorite Animal: Wolf
#1 Favorite Fantasy Animal: Dragon
#1 Favorite Manga: Recca no Honoo (Flame of Recca)
#1 Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
#1 Favorite (CURRENT) Live Action TV Show: NCIS
#1 Favorite (ENDED) Live Action TV Show: Tru Calling
#1 Favorite Female Anime/Manga Character: Fuuko Kirisawa (Recca no Honoo)
#1 Favorite Male Anime/Manga Character: Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)