How to Raise

My way of raising my Charizard has changed in recent years, beginning with SoulSilver. I originally only had him learn: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fly, and Dragon Rage. After figuring out egg moves and getting more interested in battling people rather than just in-game characters I've changed his move set.

As my team is mostly fire types (with the exception of Jolteon) I like to focus on making sure my fire types have their weaknesses covered. So I start out with Charmander and give him everstone until he learns Flamethrower (unless it's a Char hatched with Flamethrower as an egg move). My Charizard is an equal split of Special Attacker and Speed, so I train against the wild pokemon that up the EVs of these two stats.

As a side note, you can also breed for IVs, but I honestly don't breed for IVs because I don't know how yet.