Blazing Skies [Talonflame]  Boy [Kenta]  Courage. Nobility. Strength [Arcanine]  Cuddle Bug [Joltik]  Dancing with Devils [Houndoom Game]  Electric Lion [Luxio]  Fresh Snow [Glaceon]  Frost [Froslass]  Fury Cutter [Scyther]  Gentle Heart [Lapras]  Haunting Vision [Ninetales]  Headache [Psyduck]  Heart and Soul [Pokemon Gold and Silver]  Kobra [Arbok]  Little Ball of Fire [Pokabu]  Love [Kenta and Marina]  Money Bags [Persian]  Mystical Fire [Delphox]  Rare Candy [Pokemon Games]  Seasons Change [Sawbucks]  Swift Silver [Skarmory]  Tail [Furret]  Unicorn of Fire [Rapidash]  Whitenoise Snowfall [Articuno] 

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Enthusiast For script
Pokemon Sprites For cursor
PKMN.NET For sprites
Pokemon Elite 2000 For animated/tiny sprites
Bulbapedia For images