The Powers of Light by Rika24
Duskmon is sent to kill the Angel of Light, When Takuya and co. find out, Ophanimon sends Kouji to protect her. Rated for later chapters. Adventure 02/Frontier Crossover.

Chosen Empire by The Digital Gate
[020304 crossover] Five years after the defeat of BelialVamdemon, the world has been taken over by Chosen and Digimon. Iori and Armadimon are given a mission to find the Chosen who vanished four years ago and gain unexpected help along the way.

United We Stand by Rika24
An S.O.S. message is sent to the tamers that the DReaper is back & has begun his revenge on the digimon partners. Some are already dead & the survivors need their human partners fast. But what happened to Takato? Official Rukato [COMPLETE]

Ultimate Digimon by Rika24
A digimon fan series. A group of teens get transported to the digital world and must face a trio of digidestined who are also the most feared assassins. Can the new digidestined defeat 'The Dragon's assassins without their digivices? New chapter 5 up.

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