Children of the Legend by Kari Minamoto

This is a 02/04 crossover. When Myotismon decides to look for the children from a legend that has formed, Gennai warns the 02 team about his plans and sends them on a mission to find these legendary children.

Different Shades of Light by rainbowishprincess

T.K. and Kari have always been the perfect couple. Until, that is, Kari begins to see his older brother differently and quite possibly... fall for him? [yamato x hikari]

The Street Life by Ice-Song

[Digimon Savers]Masaru is known as one of the strongest street fighters in his area. When a strong challenger shows up, he must run between his DATS duties and his friends with no one being the wiser.

The Most Important Thing by Ice-Song

Digimon Savers Masaru finds out that there's more to being with a digimon then going around and seeking out fights. He needs to learn how to balance his desires to find strong enemies and protect his family [fic reads like an episode, so it's short]

Beyond The Other Side by Epsilon Zeta

Crossover 02/Tamers. With the final act of the great battle coming to a close, the tamers and the Digidestined arrive at the end of the road and the start of another...Minor revision to chapter 1

Through the Eyes of Friendship by Adventurous Heart

Takuya goes Blind after falling in a revine. Will he ever regain his sight? Rated PG for Language. CHAPTER EIGHT NOW UP. FINALE!

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