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Welcome to Unknown Guardian, the approved fanlisting and shrine for the Digimon, Dorumon. This fanlisting is a part of Believer, the Rika Fire fanlisting collective.


June 25th, 2010 - Updated with new layout, Dorumon is FINALLY out of frames! I'm really happy with this layout and chances are it will remain up for a while... unless of course Dorumon appears in the anime (X-Evo doesn't count). Also added a new page, Fan Stuff, which will have fanfiction, music videos, fanart, avatars, and wallpaper, all focusing on Dorumon. New codes also added.


This fanlisting was created on August 21, 2006 and is owned and run by Rika24 and hosted by Katze. We have a total of 32 members, from 11 countries and 0 pending members. Unknown Guardian was last updated November 14th 2022.