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Here you will find the things I hate. Please mouse over the icons to see when and why I started hating.


Sasuke Uchiha as of Naruto Shippuuden (chapter 402): OK, Ever since Sasuke left Konoha I was annoyed with him, I tried to let my annoyance of 
him slide, but now, as of Chapter 402, I hate him. I still like Sasuke from the first series/Part I though. Mary Sues: I can't stand these types of characters. They are the reason I avoid fanfiction with OCs in them. I do not believe that all OCs are horrible Mary Sues though, because there are good OCs too. I'll admit I've made my own OCs, but I tried extremely hard to avoid turning him or her into a Mary Sue. Anime Haters: I'm fine with those that don't like anime/manga, I'm not forcing anyone to like it because I do. What I hate are the people that call you names or put you down for liking it. Those are the Anime haters I hate. Vista OS: I never wanted Vista, I wanted to wait for the new XP service pack but I ended up having to get a new computer for school projects, as Adobe CS3 Wouldn't install on my XP computer. I absolutely HATE Vista, the majority of my software doesn't install right, some programs don't open after installing, my pen tablet lost its pressure feature after downloading the new driver, and my printer/scanner isn't compatible! The only thing I like about Vista better than XP is the look, but good visuals arent going to outdo a great working OS like XP... I MISS MY XP