Welcome to Gentle Heart, the TAFL and TFL approved Fanlisting for the Ice/Water Pokemon Lapras (Laplace). The fanlisting was originally owned by Danielle who allowed me to adopt it.

This fanlisting was created on May 14th, 2010 and is owned and run by Rika24 and hosted by Katze. We have a total of 54 members, from 18 countries and 0 pending members. Gentle Heart was last updated August 22nd 2020.


 Baby Pokemon [Togepi]  Blazing Skies [Talonflame]  Courage. Nobility. Strength [Arcanine]  Cuddle Bug [Joltik]  Dancing with Devils [Houndoom Game]  Fresh Snow [Glaceon]  Haunting Vision [Ninetales]  Heart and Soul [Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver]  Little Ball of Fire [Pokabu]  Money Bags [Persian]  Mystic ICE [Dewgong]  Mystical Fire [Delphox]  Seasons Change [Sawbucks]  Stryke [Scyther]  Swift Silver [Skarmory]  Transcended Dragon [Charizard]  Trial by Fire [Charmander] 


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