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Chika Daimon

English Name: Kristy Damon
Japanese Name: Chika Daimon
Digivice: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Sign: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Partner: Puwamon, Piyomon, Aquilamon, Garudamon

Chika is Masaru's little sister, she has an attitude and likes to make sarcastic comments about her brother, mother, and Agumon. She seems to have a little bit of a crush on Touma and loves Digimon. She becomes friends with a Puwamon who evolves into Piyomon to protect her from Falcomon. Later on, Satsuma orders tests on Chika to determine if she has a Digisoul and if it is compatible with Piyomon. If it is, he will recruit her for DATS. However, the idea doesn't sit well with Sayuri and Masaru. Sayuri talks to Captain Satsuma about not making her a DATS agent while Chika and Piyomon sit in Chika's room, waiting for the future of their friendship to be decided. Masaru knows the dangers of being a DATS agent, especially a field agent like he is, so he decides that Piyomon must go to keep Chika safe. Masaru orders Piyomon to return to the Digital World, he refuses. Piyomon says that he will protect Chika no matter what. Masaru tells Piyomon to prove it by fighting him and the two fight. Chika tries to stop them but Agumon stops her, saying that Masaru doesn't want to do it either but it's for her own good. Falcomon shows up and attacks. Piyomon helps Masaru get high enough to punch Falcomon so that he could summon his Digisoul. Mercurimon comes to Falcomon's aid and returns Piyomon to a Digitama. Chika watches as her Digimon friend is taken from her. Later, Piyomon is trying to return to Chika, but Mercurimon won't let him. Mercurimon tries to force Piyomon to forget about Chika, but Piyomon evolves into Aquilamon and escapes to the Real World. Aquilamon starts attacking the city in his search for Chika, the DATS field team sets out to stop him. During the fight, Masaru hears Aquilamon say, "Where are you Chika?" and realizes that Aquilamon is Piyomon. Masaru tries to get Aquilamon to calm down by saying "Piyomon, it's me, Masaru, Chika's brother." The moment he hears Chika's name, Aquilamon flies back and attacks the boat Masaru and Touma are in. Chika knows who he is and rushes to get Aquilamon to change back into Piyomon. Masaru watches as Aquilamon begins destroying the city, he and Agumon have no choice but to take him down. When he's about to be killed, Aquilamon evolves into Garudamon. When Chika arrives, she calls out to Garudamon to return to being Piyomon so they can go home together. But Garudamon doesn't recognize Chika and attacks her. GeoGreymon shields Masaru and Chika from the attack and is taken down. Wanting to protect Chika, Sayuri, and Agumon, Masaru is able to summon his Perfect Digisoul. GeoGreymon evolves into RiseGreymon and kills Garudamon in one hit. Chika wakes up to find out that Masaru and Agumon killed Piyomon.

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