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The Street Life By Ice-Song

Masaru is known as one of the strongest street fighters in his area. When a strong challenger shows up, he must run between his DATS duties and his friends with no one being the wiser.


1. No hentai.
2. Must be your own work.
3. Masaru must be the main focus
4. Does not have to be at Fanfiction.net but if you want reviews it's the best place to post.
5. If your story is not on fanfiction.net, please send a name (or nickname), email (and if you want it posted), rating, and summary.
6. Please no script stories (this means no dialog only. there must be descriptions)
7. Please no Tomato (MasaruxTouma)


Want to submit your fanfiction? email me here with the subject: "fanfiction." If your story is on fanfiction.net, please just send me the link to your story.

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