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Name: Agumon
Name Meaning: Biting Monster
Level: Child/Rookie
Evo Line: Botamon, Koromon, Agumon, GeoGreymon, Shinegreymon
Agumon met Masaru while Masaru was fighting a gang from another town. Masaru fights with Agumon and they tire each other out. Impressed by Masaru's strength, Agumon tells Masaru that he will be his follower, and from that point on, Agumon calls Masaru "Aniki." Agumon has a great respect for Masaru and the two make a great fighting combination. Masaru and Agumon fight together, both getting hits in before Agumon evolves to finish off their opponent. Agumon is a Digimon that respects those with strength. He also loves Sayuri's friend eggs.

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