#038 Ninetales

Type: Fire; Species Fox; Ability: Flash Fire
Height: 3'07"; Weight: 44 lbs. (varies by game)

Ninetales (or Kyuukon as she's known as in Japan) is a Fire type stage 1 Pokemon that evolves from Vulpix with the use of a Fire Stone. Once evolved, she can no longer learn any moves by leveling up, only through the use of a TM.

Ninetales is a nine tailed fox based on the Kyuubi from Japanese Mythology. Ninetales, while being a pure fire type, in my opinion, should also be part psychic or ghost to not only match even closer to the Kyuubi myth, but to fit with how she is described. If you've ever taken the time to read each of her Pokedex entries I'm sure you'd agree that psychic or ghost would be a good second element for her as the majority of her entries speak of her as a dark, vengeful, or spiritual creature read the entries here.