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SAA Forever

 SAA Forever Created: May 29th 2007
Updated: January 20th 2020
Subject: School: Saint Augustine Academy
Member Count: 5 + (0)

I never had good experiences with school; bullies, no friends, backstabbers, I learned not to trust people and became a loner. I never felt I belonged anywhere. But then I went to Saint Augustine Academy. It opened me up and I could finally be myself. I finally had friends and for the first time I loved school and wasn't afraid to go. But then during my junior year we all found out that the school was closing. We fought hard to save it but we were kicked out by 3 grade schools merging into it and it became Lakewood Catholic Academy. I was so upset that I wanted to drop out because I couldn't even think about going to another high school for my final year. I ended up going to Trinity and sunk back into being a loner because I was afraid. I will always love Saint Augustine Academy because of the teachers and students. It was the place I truly felt I belonged and people actually liked me there. Even though the school is gone, it will always be the only school I've ever cared about.

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