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Showing fanlistings under the Anime and Manga: Fanstuff category...

A Fan's World

 A Fan's World Created: August 12th 2007
Updated: August 30th 2019
Subject: Digimon Fanfiction (all)
Member Count: 29 + (0)

I've been a reader and writer of Digimon fanfiction for years now and I'm very happy to get to own and run the fanlisting.

Extreme Angst

 Extreme Angst Created: September 09th 2008
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Fanfiction Author: Sevlow (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/175657/)
Member Count: 53 + (0)

I have a lot of favorite fanfic writers, so why make a fanlisting for only Sevlow? The answer is simple. Her fics are some of the best I've ever read. The characters are always in character (which is hard to find), her ideas for her fics are always unique, her descriptions of locations, emotions, etc... make it extremely easy to get into the story and see and feel what the characters do, and best of all, you can always count on Sev to complete her stories.

Believe in Me and I Will Follow You

 Believe in Me and I Will Follow You Created: September 09th 2008
Updated: October 01st 2019
Subject: Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang (Gen)
Member Count: 10 + (0)

Ever since I started reading the manga and watching the anime I've loved the relationship between these two. So when I decided to check out FMA fanfiction it was RoyEd I searched for. Sadly I'm not a Yaoi fan, so it was hard to find ones without it. But then I came across a parental RoyEd and I've loved those ever since.

Mysterious Assassin

 Mysterious Assassin Created: November 04th 2007
Updated: October 01st 2019
Subject: Naruto Fanfiction: Hatake Kakashi (all)
Member Count: 28 + (0)

Kakashi is my favorite Naruto character so when I first started reading Naruto fanfics I searched for Kakashi ones. All Kakashi fics that I've read so far have been well written and had great ideas. My favorites tend to be KakaSaku and KakaObi because the missions and fights seem to be the best in terms of detail.

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