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Showing fanlistings under the Anime and Manga: Characters 0-M category...

Street Fighter

 Street Fighter Created: October 25th 2006
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Digimon: Daimon Masaru
Member Count: 42 + (0)

Masaru was the reason i watched Savers at first because I just loved his personality. He's a street fighter obviously, the 1st in Digimon (sure there have been characters that knew martial arts but never street fighters). I've always loved fighters in shounen but hated that Digimon was a shounen that didn't have any real fights in it between people (Taichi and Yamato don't count). Masaru was like a dream come true, an actual fighter in Digimon. As savers went on and Masaru's personality and inner struggles became more obvious and clear, he had become my number one favorite character in Digimon, pushing Ruki (Rika) of all characters out of the #1 spot. When I saw that the original Masaru fanlisting was removed i applied. I kind of expected to get rejected since Masaru is an awesome character, so obviously I was shocked and excited when I got the approved message.

Unknown Guardian

 Unknown Guardian Created: August 21st 2006
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Digimon: Dorumon
Member Count: 32 + (0)

Dorumon is my favorite Digimon. I love everything about him, his design, his various personalities in the two mangas and the 8th movie. I was VERY happy when I got approved for this fanlisting.

Digital Kitsune

 Digital Kitsune Created: January 26th 2009
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Digimon: Kyuubimon
Member Count: 20 + (0)

Kyuubimon is a huge favorite digimon for me. She's actually my second favorite out of the entire series along with her pre-evolution, Renamon.

Kage no Ookami

 Kage no Ookami Created: March 28th 2007
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Digimon: SangLoupmon
Member Count: 7 + (0)

I'm a huge fan of wolves so naturally I loved SangLoupmon. There are a lot of wolf Digimon so why Sang? Because his design and overall feel had won me over as soon as I saw him and read about him. After DWDS came out and I got him as one of my partners my love for this Digimon has only increased.

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