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Showing fanlistings under the Anime and Manga: Characters N-Z category...

Mysterious Assassin

 Mysterious Assassin Created: May 20th 2015
Updated: February 11th 2020
Subject: Naruto: Hatake Kakashi
Member Count: 20 + (0)

Kakashi is my favorite male character out of every anime and manga I've been a fan of. He is without question, the most complex character in the Naruto series. I'm so happy to own the fanlisting now to go along with my fansite.


 Healer Created: December 30th 2007
Updated: January 20th 2020
Subject: Naruto: Nohara Rin
Member Count: 124 + (0)

I'm not sure why, but I have always liked Rin. I guess it's because she's a lot like Sakura without the obsessions and quick temper. Rin is strong in her own way, like having a strong mind. During Kakashi Gaiden she was tortured by the Iwa ninjas, yet she never told them what her mission was. She is also a powerful medic ninja even though she is only 13.

Legendary Hero

 Legendary Hero Created: May 02nd 2008
Updated: January 02nd 2020
Subject: Naruto: Uchiha Obito
Member Count: 67 + (0)

I am obsessed with Obito. his love for his teammates and his saying are some of the reasons why. The fact that he saved Kakashi is yet another reason I love him. I just really can't put into words how much I love Obito (just like I can't explain my love *coughobsessioncough* for Kakashi).

Mr Prince

 Mr Prince Created: July 29th 2019
Updated: January 27th 2020
Subject: One Piece: Vinsmoke Sanji
Member Count: 2 + (0)

I've always liked Sanji, his fighting style is my favorite out of all the Straw Hats and he's most relatable of the Monster Trio.

Raging Fire

 Raging Fire Created: September 18th 2007
Updated: January 20th 2020
Subject: Recca no Honoo: Hanabishi Recca
Member Count: 115 + (0)

Everything about Recca I love. his determination to protect his friends no mater what is the main reason. he's funny, powerful, and very dedicated. I also love his design. I'm so happy to have been able to adopt this fanlisting! ^_^

Wind Goddess

 Wind Goddess Created: March 08th 2013
Updated: January 20th 2020
Subject: Recca no Honoo: Kirisawa Fuuko
Member Count: 6 + (0)

Fuuko is easily my #1 favorite female anime/manga character of all time. Why? because I identify with her and want to be like her. You see, like Fuuko I've been picked on in school until I got to High School and I didn't trust people after those I called friends became backstabbers. What I mean when I say I want to like her in that she is extremely tough, she doesn't let what people think of her affect her and she has a small but very loyal group of friends.

For My Friends

 For My Friends Created: October 01st 2007
Updated: January 22nd 2020
Subject: Recca no Honoo: Saicho
Member Count: 48 + (0)

Saicho's dedication is what I love about him. His willingness to die for his friends is what made me love him.

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