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Showing fanlistings under the Anime and Manga: Relationships category...


 Tunnel Created: August 04th 2006
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Digimon: Matsuda Takato and Makino Ruki
Member Count: 37 + (0)

Their relationship is really interesting. Takato is the caring, softhearted guy and Ruki is the cold-hearted, tough bad girl. They don't get along at first, but once Ruki joins the team these two get close.


 BACK to BACK Created: October 23rd 2011
Updated: May 03rd 2022
Subject: Naruto: Hatake Kakashi and Maito Gai
Member Count: 16 + (0)

I was always annoyed at how stupid Gai seemed and figured he was joking about being as good as Kakashi. Then after he saved Kakashi's life i became interested in their friendship, you can't deny that the two of them are close (i mean, how many times have they saved each other?). Then their friendship began taking over my Kakashi centric fanfiction hunting and i found myself hunting for any fic with the two in it no matter how little. Next thing i know, i'm a fan of ALL their relationship forms.


 Memorial Created: October 31st 2011
Updated: May 03rd 2022
Subject: Naruto: Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Obito
Member Count: 11 + (0)

I'm one of those people obsessed with friendship, so with Kakashi and Obito I was instantly a fan. I have seriously loved these two since i first read Kakashi Gaiden. The fact that Obito gave his life to save Kakashi just showed how close they became (even if it was short lived). Kakashi's dedication to honor him, even many years after Obi-kun's death, just shows how close a bond had formed between them in such a short amount of time. I wonder, if Obito had lived, how much closer would they have become? Oh and, I still believe that Obito and Tobi are connected somehow (and not just as Uchiha) and i would squeal in fangirl glee if they were to see each other again (even if it might end in Kashi's death).

Never Abandon

 Never Abandon Created: April 12th 2009
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Naruto: Hatake Kakashi, Nohara Rin, and Uchiha Obito
Member Count: 26 + (0)

Ever since they first appeared together in Kakashi Gaiden, I've been obsessed with this team. Of all the teams in Naruto, this one is my favorite. The bond between them is very strong, though it may not seem that way at first.


 Promise Created: July 02nd 2019
Updated: May 03rd 2022
Subject: One Piece: Kaya and Usopp
Member Count: 2 + (0)

What drew me to this pair was their dedication to each other. Usopp helping Kaya through her depression with his stories, saving her from Kuro, and later his protectiveness towards the Going Merry because it was a gift from her. Kaya deciding to become a doctor so she'll be able to help Usopp if he returns injured, and only focusing on Usopp when news of the Straw Hats' bounties are released. And then of course, the promise Usopp made to return to her one day. In a way, they've become each other's purpose.

Two of a Kind

 Two of a Kind Created: August 23rd 2021
Updated: May 03rd 2022
Subject: One Piece: Nami and Usopp
Member Count: 2 + (0)

Usopp and Nami have a unique bond among the Straw Hats, being the weakest members they need to rely on their smarts to win their battles. They lean on each other for strength and support as a result of being the only normal people on the crew.


 Assurance Created: July 02nd 2019
Updated: May 03rd 2022
Subject: One Piece: Usopp and Vinsmoke Sanji
Member Count: 2 + (0)

I really started to love the bond between these two during the Water Seven/Enies Lobby arc. When it seemed like Usopp's entire world was falling apart all around him, his constant doubts about his worth to the crew turning into self-hatred. Sanji seemed to understand when no one else did, offering the support needed with a speech that Usopp took to heart. Usopp tends to turn to Sanji a lot in particular and has saved Sanji's life too.

Storm Warning

 Storm Warning Created: June 11th 2007
Updated: May 10th 2022
Subject: Recca no Honoo: Kirisawa Fuuko and Raiha
Member Count: 26 + (0)

As soon as Raiha and Fuuko first met (when he saved her), I saw a connection between these two. Their relationship is very interesting because Fuuko is a member of Recca's team, Hokage; while Raiha is a member of Kurei's top assassination team, Uruha. Both Fuuko and Raiha are fiercely loyal to their leaders, so they should be mortal enemies. However, they still show compassion toward each other, Mainly Raiha, who takes it upon himself to train her for the final battle so that she won't get killed. Fuuko and Raiha not only show respect for each other, they also show that they could possibly love each other. They are also rivals because of their madogu. Fuujin and Raijin are opposites, both created by previous Hokage shinobi that were rivals. Fuujin was created as a force of good, while Raijin was created as a weapon of mass destruction. No matter how Flame of Recca ends, I'll always see Fuuko and Raiha as a great and powerful pair.

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