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Showing fanlistings under the Adoption category...

Living Nightmares

 Living Nightmares Created: July 22nd 2008
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 01.10 - Nightmares
Member Count: 25 + (0)

Nightmares is one of my top favorite Buffy episodes. I can watch it over and over again without getting tired of it.

Techno Thriller

 Techno Thriller Created: December 23rd 2006
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Crichton, Michael
Member Count: 39 + (0)

Michael Crichton is my favorite author. He's best known for his novel, Jurassic Park

A Fan's World

 A Fan's World Created: August 12th 2007
Updated: October 31st 2019
Subject: Digimon Fanfiction (all)
Member Count: 29 + (0)

I've been a reader and writer of Digimon fanfiction for years now and I'm very happy to get to own and run the fanlisting.


 ADVENTUROUS Created: August 11th 2010
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Digimon: Kanbara Takuya
Member Count: 12 + (0)

It's funny how when I first watched Frontier (the dub) I hated Takuya so much, I'd always bash him any chance I got. After watching the Japanese version and later rewatching the dub, I've found that Takuya has really grown on me. Now Takuya is my 4th favorite of the human characters from Digimon.


 Tunnel Created: August 04th 2006
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Digimon: Matsuda Takato and Makino Ruki
Member Count: 36 + (0)

Their relationship is really interesting. Takato is the caring, softhearted guy and Ruki is the cold-hearted, tough bad girl. They don't get along at first, but once Ruki joins the team these two get close.

Warrior of Light

 Warrior of Light Created: June 30th 2009
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Digimon: Minamoto Kouji
Member Count: 36 + (0)

Ever since I first saw Digimon Frontier, Kouji had been my top favorite from that series and number 2 out of all the Digimon characters.

Our Bond

 Our Bond Created: December 20th 2006
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Digimon: Orimoto Izumi and Kanbara Takuya
Member Count: 35 + (0)

The way Takuya and Izumi act around each other has always been funny. You can tell that these two care about each other. I love the bond these two have, both as friends and as a couple.

Kage no Ookami

 Kage no Ookami Created: March 28th 2007
Updated: October 31st 2019
Subject: Digimon: SangLoupmon
Member Count: 7 + (0)

I'm a huge fan of wolves so naturally I loved SangLoupmon. There are a lot of wolf Digimon so why Sang? Because his design and overall feel had won me over as soon as I saw him and read about him. After DWDS came out and I got him as one of my partners my love for this Digimon has only increased.


 Kaida Created: February 21st 2009
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Dragon Drive: Chibisuke (Chibi)
Member Count: 4 + (0)

Chibisuke has got to be the cutest character I have ever seen. Every time I see a picture of him I just want to hug him. The only thing that rivals his cuteness is his adorable voice.

Are You Ready?

 Are You Ready? Created: December 31st 2009
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Fullmetal Alchemist: Golden Time Lover (Brotherhood 3rd Opening)
Member Count: 11 + (0)

I love all the Fullmetal Alchemist opening and ending themes, both old and new, but I just love this one over all the new ones. The visuals are the best part.

Inerasible Sin

 Inerasible Sin Created: October 03rd 2008
Updated: October 27th 2019
Subject: Fullmetal Alchemist: Kesenai Tsumi (1st Ending Theme)
Member Count: 54 + (0)

Fullmetal Alchemist has some of the best music I've ever heard in any anime (second only to Wolf's Rain), but the song that stands out above the rest for me was Kesenai Tsumi. This is not only my #1 favorite Fullmetal Alchemist song but one of my top 10 out of all the anime songs I've ever heard.


 Monk-san Created: September 16th 2008
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Ghost Hunt: Takigawa Houshou
Member Count: 38 + (0)

I'm a fan of pretty much all the Ghost Hunt characters, but Monk-san stood out above the rest. I loved the way he'd mess with Ayako and his brotherly relationship with Mai.


 10 PROMISES Created: June 01st 2011
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: InuBaka: Crazy for Dogs
Member Count: 1 + (0)

This manga has made me cry a few times because it knows just how to affect animal lovers like myself. Highly recommended to animal lovers, especial dog lovers. It is basically a dog training and breed encyclopedia with a plot.

Could it Be...

 Could it Be... Created: July 16th 2008
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Kim Possible: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
Member Count: 40 + (0)

My favorite pairing out of all non-anime Cartoons.

Monsters Rule!

 Monsters Rule! Created: July 18th 2007
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Monster Farm (Monster Rancher)
Member Count: 24 + (0)

This was one of my first anime series I ever watched. The storyline pulled me in and I loved all the characters, mostly Tiger. I used to be so obsessed with this series I'd buy anything Monster Rancher. I'm not obsessed with it anymore, but that could be because I haven't watched it in over five years. I still love this series and who knows, once I get the chance to see it again... I KNOW I'll be obsessed again.

Monsters Rule!

 Monsters Rule! Created: August 01st 2007
Updated: November 01st 2019
Subject: Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) Games Series
Member Count: 5 + (0)

One of the things that drew me to Monster Rancher were the games. Of all the monster rasing games, monster rancher will always be my top favorite.

Tiger of the Wind

 Tiger of the Wind Created: November 30th 2006
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Monster Farm (Rancher): Rygar (Tiger)
Member Count: 21 + (0)

One word, wolf. That was enough to make me love this guy, but when I got to know this character's personality I loved him even more.

A Heros Guilt

 A Heros Guilt Created: December 27th 2008
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: NCIS Ep 02.07 Call of Silence
Member Count: 12 + (0)

I love a lot of NCIS episodes, especially the first and second seasons, but this one stands out. I love the emotions in this episode, and the fact that it's based on a real life hero makes it an even greater episode.

Ghost Ship

 Ghost Ship Created: November 30th 2009
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: NCIS Ep 05.06 Chimera
Member Count: 6 + (0)


 Bodyguard Created: December 17th 2007
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: NCIS: Caitlin Todd
Member Count: 40 + (0)

Kate is my number one favorite character from NCIS. When she was killed at the end of the 2nd season I actually stopped watching. I would later start watching again, but it'll never be as good without Kate.

Miss Independent

 Miss Independent Created: May 09th 2009
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: NCIS: Jenny Shepard
Member Count: 19 + (0)

When Kate was killed off I originally stopped watching NCIS. When I finally did start watching it again, I immediately liked Jenny. She was tough and let no one mess with her. So naturally, as all my favorites do, she was killed off. I still watch the show but I'll miss seeing her on it.


 Partners Created: May 27th 2009
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: NCIS: Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Jenny Shepard
Member Count: 11 + (0)

Jibbs is my OTP in NCIS. Their relationship is complex and interesting and I like all forms of it.


 FANTASTIC WORLDS Created: June 21st 2010
Updated: October 01st 2019
Subject: Nobuyuki Anzai
Member Count: 79 + (0)

Setting aside my obsessive love for his Flame of Recca series, the reason why Anzai is my favorite manga-ka is because his artwork jumps out at me like no other manka-ka. Masashi Kishimoto, Rumiko Takahashi, CLAMP, and Hiroumu Arikawa are all my favorite manga-ka, but even though their artwork is well done it just doesn't have that punch that Anzai's does.

Courage. Nobility. Strength

 Courage. Nobility. Strength Created: August 23rd 2010
Updated: October 01st 2019
Subject: Pokemon: Arcanine
Member Count: 49 + (0)

Ever since I started playing the gameboy games, Arcanine has ALWAYS been a member of my team. He's a beautifully designed pokemon and an all time favorite from the 1st generation.

Cuddle Bug

 Cuddle Bug Created: August 10th 2011
Updated: October 01st 2019
Subject: Pokemon: Joltik (Bachuru)
Member Count: 13 + (0)

Joltik has got to be the cutest bug type in pokemon. She's also beaten Butterfree as my favorite bug type. My in game Joltik, Willow, is one of my strongest on my team.

Gentle Heart

 Gentle Heart Created: May 14th 2010
Updated: October 25th 2019
Subject: Pokemon: Lapras
Member Count: 54 + (0)

Ever since Lapras appeared in the anime i became attached to her, a rarity for water types (though the fact that she's also an ice type might be why, they always seem to slip through my pro-fire type mentality).

Little Ball of Fire

 Little Ball of Fire Created: May 22nd 2011
Updated: October 25th 2019
Subject: Pokemon: Pokabu (Tepig)
Member Count: 10 + (0)

Pokemon Black and White brought me back to hard times picking a starter because I liked both almost equally. Pokabu won last minute over Tsutaja thanks to seeing him in the anime.

For My Friends

 For My Friends Created: October 01st 2007
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Recca no Honoo: Saicho
Member Count: 48 + (0)

Saicho's dedication is what I love about him. His willingness to die for his friends is what made me love him.

Family or Honor

 Family or Honor Created: February 23rd 2009
Updated: October 05th 2019
Subject: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Karai
Member Count: 7 + (0)

Karai is easily one of my top 5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters. She's an interesting character because you don't know which side she's on.

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