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Showing fanlistings under the Pokemon category...

Courage. Nobility. Strength

 Courage. Nobility. Strength Created: August 23rd 2010
Updated: October 05th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Arcanine
Member Count: 49 + (0)

Ever since I started playing the gameboy games, Arcanine has ALWAYS been a member of my team. He's a beautifully designed pokemon and an all time favorite from the 1st generation.

Transcended Dragon

 Transcended Dragon Created: October 06th 2011
Updated: October 23rd 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Charizard (Rizadon)
Member Count: 29 + (0)

Charizard is my number 1 favorite Pokemon. I always have a Charizard on my team and he's always strong by making sure he can handle his weaknesses, especially water and electric types. In the anime I always found it funny how Ash's Charizard wouldn't listen (he was too cool for Ash XD), but when he finally did the fights were always fun to watch because Charizard refused to lose. When Ash let his Charizard go I got mad and stopped watching for a long time.

Trial by Fire

 Trial by Fire Created: May 13th 2013
Updated: October 05th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Charmander (Hitokage)
Member Count: 29 + (0)

Charmander is beyond cute and very loyal, like in the episode Ash and co find an abandoned Charmander. That Charmander refused to leave, even as it rained, thinking his trainer was coming back for him. To this day, Charmander is still my number one favorite starter.

Mystic ICE

 Mystic ICE Created: June 06th 2010
Updated: October 27th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Dewgong
Member Count: 23 + (0)

Ever since I first played Pokemon Blue and had a Dewgong on my team I've loved them. Dewgong is another one of the few water Pokemon that is a favorite of mine. Also mostly because of also being an Ice-type.

Cuddle Bug

 Cuddle Bug Created: August 10th 2011
Updated: October 27th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Joltik (Bachuru)
Member Count: 13 + (0)

Joltik has got to be the cutest bug type in pokemon. She's also beaten Butterfree as my favorite bug type. My in game Joltik, Willow, is one of my strongest on my team.

Gentle Heart

 Gentle Heart Created: May 14th 2010
Updated: October 27th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Lapras
Member Count: 54 + (0)

Ever since Lapras appeared in the anime i became attached to her, a rarity for water types (though the fact that she's also an ice type might be why, they always seem to slip through my pro-fire type mentality).

Haunting Vision

 Haunting Vision Created: November 14th 2008
Updated: October 14th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Ninetales
Member Count: 90 + (0)

Ninetales was my very first favorite Pokemon. Even after all this time she is still my favorite Pokemon.

Little Ball of Fire

 Little Ball of Fire Created: May 22nd 2011
Updated: October 27th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Pokabu (Tepig)
Member Count: 10 + (0)

Pokemon Black and White brought me back to hard times picking a starter because I liked both almost equally. Pokabu won last minute over Tsutaja thanks to seeing him in the anime.

Blazing Skies

 Blazing Skies Created: June 13th 2014
Updated: October 27th 2020
Subject: Pokemon: Talonflame (Fiarrow)
Member Count: 7 + (0)

You have no idea how happy i was to finally see a Peregrine Falcon based pokemon (my favorite bird)... and it's FIRE too! i got lucky in catching an Adamant Fletchling in the beginning and boosted attack and speed. He was my go to in Pokemon X and just decimated the Elite Four.

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