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The Red fox is a subspecies of fox that is mainly identified by its red, white, and black fur. Red foxes are part of the canine, or canidae family. They are also one of the smallest wild canidae in the world, excluding the even smaller Grey fox. Throughout history foxes have been portrayed in a variety of ways: the trickster, the shape shifter, and more, but no matter what they're called, "sly" is the most common word used to describe them.

Which brings us to the title of this fanlisting, Sly Beauty. I chose the name because of the fox's common portrayal as the sly one, and beauty obviously because they are one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet.

The red fur of the Red fox is also not always red. Some Red foxes have more grey or brown fur. The beautiful fur of the Red fox is also one of the things that makes them targets. Their coat is frequently used to make fur coats for greedy, rich people who don't care that many of these beautiful creatures were mercilessly slaughtered for that very same coat they wear.

Aside from the red fur, a Red fox, or really any fox, can be clearly identified by the big, bushy tail. Red fox tails are often tipped with white fur, but sometimes that tip is black. Another common feature are the black or brown ears, legs, and feet.

Even though they are canines, foxes seem to share a lot in common with felines. Some fox species have been known to climb trees, their way of hunting (example: pouncing), and even their faces have a feline appearance, including their eyes sometimes having slit pupils like cats.