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Because of the fox's popularity in various cultures, fox characters in fiction are common. One of the best known being Aesop’s Fables, such as The Fox and the Grapes

In Japan the best known fox characters in fiction are Vulpix, Ninetales, Kyuubi, Renamon, and Kyuubimon. Vulpix is a redish Pokemon with six tails. Its description often says that they are born with one tail that splits into more tails as it ages. When a Vulpix evolves it becomes a pale yellow or white Pokemon called "Ninetales." Ninetales is described as a Pokemon that lives for 1,000 years. It is also said to put a curse on any that touch its tails.

Kyuubi is a demon in the popular anime and manga series, Naruto. The Kyuubi is the most powerful of the nine Bijuu. Kyuubi attacked Konoha, nearly destroying everything, until it was sealed by the Yondaime (4th Hokage), Minato Namikaze, into a newborn baby named Naruto Uzumaki.

In Digimon, foxes are common, but the most popular would be Renamon and her various forms. Renamon is a Kitsune that shoots diamonds or demonic fireballs (depending on which version). Renamon is the Digimon partner of Ruki Makino (Rika Nonaka in the English dub). Renamon is very intelligent, swift, cunning, and sarcastic. Her other forms include her baby and in-training forms: Reremon, and Viximon/Pokomon. As well as her Champion/Adult form, Kyuubimon, which is a nine-tailed fox that shoots fox-like fireballs from the tips of her tails. Renamon's final two forms are Taomon and Sakuyamon. The latter being a woman in fox-like armor that uses fox spirits as one of her attacks. Another example of a fox in Digimon would be Kudamon, a Pipe fox.

In an American animated film, The Fox and the Hound, a Red fox kit named Tod causes mischief while also being friends with a foxhound puppy. There is also a book of the same name in which the movie was based on, the book however is less kid friendly and has a less than happy ending.

A British animated film, The Plague Dogs, has a trickster fox named "The Tod" that causes problems for the two canine protagonists, but becomes an ally in the end.

In another American film, Balto II: Wolf Quest, A fox, seemingly a spirit, tricks Balto into releasing her from a trap, only to make him fall into the river while he was searching for Aleu.

One of my own characters is based off of the Kitsune myth, named Coonie. In the story he is the Guardian of the Spirit Channel.