Ron Stoppable

Ron is Kim's best friend since preschool as well as her sidekick and recent boyfriend. Ron seems to most of the time be comic relief and pretty much useless, even messing up Kim's missions from time to time by letting the bad guys get away. But Ron has shown that he is the only one that can act as Kim's sidekick. Both Wade and Monique tried and failed in that area. It has also been proven that Kim has a better chance at beating the bad guys when Ron is there. Ron's name is a play on the word 'unstoppable.'

Skills and Abilities

Ron is a great cook and has shown to be pretty smart. He is pretty much good at everything that Kim isn't. Ron has also shown that he can carry out missions on his own without Kim and still succeed, like in the episode where Kim is sick. He breaks into Drakken and Shego's lair and manages to get past them with the item they had stolen. Ron has shown that he is skilled in song writing and anything relating to crafts. Ron is also a master of Tai Sheng Pek Kwar, or Monkey Kung Fu. He also seems to have the ability to talk to animals as shown with his ability to talk to and understand Rufus, as well as other animals.

During fights with certain villains Ron has shown what he's truly capable of, and it is shown a few times that the reason Ron is the sidekick and so clumsy is because he just lacks confidence. During the times where his true abilities had shown through were always during times where he was the only hope, usually when Kim's life is threatened or when he's forced to face his own fears.


Like Kim, Ron has gotten his own villains to fight. Ron's greatest foes are Monkey Fist and Gill. Both Monkey Fist and Gill have been able to succeed in stopping Kim, only to be beaten by Ron. Gill is the best example of this since he took Gill down with absolutely no help aside from his pet naked mole rat, Rufus. Ron showed courage when facing both Monkey Fist and Gill since both have to do with his greatest fears.

Ron's most dangerous enemies, Warmonga and Warhok, had succeeded in defeating not only Kim Possible, but also Shego (who had joined the side of good along with Drakken in order to stop the aliens from destroying the world) and were about to kill Kim when Ron stopped them. Ron's true ability completely surfaced when he fought both Warmonga and Warhok at the same time, and without Kim or Rufus to back him up. Ron saved the entire world by himself when he defeated the two aliens on his own. His abilities shocked both Kim and Shego, having both seen the fight. Shego even says, "looks like the sidekick just stepped up."

Episodes Focusing on Ron and/or Show His Skills

Season 1 Episode 2 - Sink or Swim
Season 1 Episode 3 - The New Ron
Season 1 Episode 6 - Bueno Nacho
Season 1 Episode 13 - Monkey Fist Strikes
Season 1 Episode 20 - Ron the Man

Season 2 Episode 22 - Naked Genius
Season 2 Episode 24 - Two To Tutor
Season 2 Episode 25 - The Ron Factor
Season 2 Episode 30 - Virtu-Ron
Season 2 Episode 31 - The Fearless Ferret
Season 2 Episode 32 - Exchange
Season 2 Episodes 34 to 36 - A Sitch in Time
Season 2 Episode 40 - Return to Wannaweep
Season 2 Episode 46 - Sick Day
Season 2 Episode 49 - Ron Millionaire

Season 3 Episode 55 - Bad Boy
Season 3 Episode 58 (Part 1) - Overdue
Season 3 Episode 58 (Part 2) - Roachie
Season 3 Episode 59 - Rappin’ Drakken
Season 3 Episode 61 - Gorilla Fist

Season 4 Episode 66 - I'll Suited
Season 4 Episode 72 - Grande Size Me
Season 4 Episode 74 - Big Bother
Season 4 Episode 76 - Odds Man In
Season 4 Episode 80 - The Mentor Of Our Discontent
Season 4 Episode 81 - Oh No! Yono!
Season 4 Episode 82 - Clean Slate
Season 4 Episode 86 - Graduation, Part 1
Season 4 Episode 87 - Graduation, Part 2


"That would be so cool if it wasn't gonna hurt us"
"Never be normal!"

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