I Wanna Go Home by foreverforgotten5

Edward is stuck in Lior because of another war. Everyone is waiting for his return home. But will he ever return to them? AU- sorta slightly Parental!Roy/Ed 2 different endings! Please no flames, but plz review! Songfic.

Humanity's Only Crime by Shadow Mage Evelyn

That’s humanity’s only crime: that we’re all just a bunch of imperfect people struggling to make it in this imperfect world.”

Meningitis by T-Phoenix123

Ed catches a potentially fatal strain of an infectious bacterial disease most commonly found among the young. One shot written to help raise awareness. KNOW YOUR SYMPTOMS! Character near death.

The Test by Shadow Mage Evelyn

Two days, fifteen hours, and 30 minutes. That was how long he’d been here in this place. NONYAOI Parental!RoyEd ONESHOT

Just Like You by Henrika

“You were right. Tucker was right. They were all right. I’m just like them.” Ed returns from a harrowing mission and Roy does his best to draw the story out of him and get him back to reality.

Untouchable by Henrika

Stream of conciousness piece for Ed as he looks at the Colonel. Angst like you would not believe.

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