Your Son by AutumnOwl

I'm not your father. It's not fair that you can affect me this much. A military function becomes a nightmare when Ed accidentally takes a poisoned drink meant for Roy.

Waiting in Denial by Riku-Rocks :: LJ

Roy surprises himself with his reactions and decisions when Ed is hospitalised with serious injuries a year after becoming a State Alchemist, and Maes thinks he has all the answers...much to Roy's displeasure. Paternal!Roy/Ed Fraternal!Maes/Roy. Oneshot

Restitution by RandomCheeses :: LJ

After destroying the gate between worlds at the end of Conqueror Of Shamballa, Mustang ends up somewhere. . . unexpected.

Dawn by CaptainKase

“Not t-to worry,” he said cheerfully, even though the stutter sounded horribly out of place in Mustang’s voice. “It went right through.” Ed and Roy are stuck in a war zone. Gratuitous hurt!Roy for the sake of hurt!Roy ensues. For Sevlow.

Crash by Sevlow

Colonel Mustang and Fullmetal fight to keep each other alive in the wake of a deadly car accident. One-shot.

Number Twenty Eight by Sevlow

As of today, Edward Elric had been missing for four months, two weeks, and five days. Warnings for angst, some gore, and Chimera!Ed. Complete

Save Me by Sevlow

Roy Mustang is sent to Lior and captured. After five long weeks of torture, will he ever recover? Roycentric angst and violence. NOTE: this is mostly RoyMaes, but has RoyEd too.

Forgiveness by Sevlow

Mustang questions his sanity and searches for redemption as memories from the Ishbalan uprising silently tear him apart.

Mistakes by Sevlow

We all make mistakes that come back to haunt us. WARNING: Graphic violence, character death

TEACHINGS by Shadow Mage Evelyn

Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning... When Roy is shot protecting Edward, how will Edward cope? ONESHOT. NONYAOI RoyEd. Please review!

The Lesson by Shadow Mage Evelyn

A fatal mistake made late one night could ruin Roy forever. ONESHOT NONYAOI Parental! RoyEd Please read and review! Yes, I'M ALIVE!

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