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Mirage Comics

The turtles originated from a black and white comic created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird as a parody of the comic books that were currently being published. The first issue was released in 1984 in a limited print run of 1,000 and due to print error, larger than a normal comic. The first issue was originally meant to be the only one, but because of it's popularity more issues were made along with two more print runs of the first issue (in the correct size). The Mirage Turtles were much darker and violent, showing blood and actually killing their enemies rather than just knocking them out.

In addition to the first volume, five micro issues were released, each focusing on a different character. While the Fugitoid, Raphael, and Leonardo's issues continued on in the main series, Donatello and Michelangelo's did not (with the exception of Klunk, Mikey's kitten). The first volume ended after a 12 issue story arc called "City at War" which featured the introduction of Saki's daughter, Karai.

The second volume of the Mirage comics TMNT were full color, but didn't do as well as the first volume. Mirage would not publish more turtles comics until Tales of TMNT and the new volume 4 (volume 3 was published by a different company without Eastman and Laird).