A Second Chance

In the Beginning

I've always been a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Faith was my favorite character. Because of that Eliza, who played Faith, became my #1 favorite actress. So when I heard that Eliza would star in a series based around her character I got really excited, though it also had to do with the paranormal feel of the show too.

Great Story and Characters

After watching a few episodes I found myself completely pulled into the series. It became much less about "because Eliza was in it" and more because it was a great show with an original story and great characters. What was most shocking really was that towards the end of the first season I found that my favorite character wasn't even Tru (Eliza's character), but Harrison. It just goes to show how much my love for the series wasn't about the actors but the story and characters.

A Great Bad Guy

As great as it started out, Tru Calling got even better with the introduction of Tru's greatest enemy, Jack Harper a.k.a. "death." He was a great character you just loved to hate, and as the second season continued, you found that he can't easily be called "evil." The real problem was Tru and Harrison's father...

A New Favorite and a Fight

Up until this point Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my #1 favorite TV show, but Tru Calling changed all that and actually pushed Buffy out of the #1 spot. What really stunk was that, as with all FOX shows, it got cancelled. But as Tru Calling fans show we wouldn't give up. Our fight for the series ended with the return of Tru for a second season, though it was sadly short-lived. The fight for the show began again but sadly we lost the second time around. What makes things worse was that Tru Calling ended without the airing of its series finale. After seeing it on the DVD I was disappointed with what could have been the best episode of the series, all because of that pointless and very open ending. But who knows, with an open ending like that they may try to bring it back... I can dream can't I?

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