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As long as I can remember, cats have always been my #1 favorite domestic animal. And of all the cat breeds out there, NONE has ever surpassed the Turkish Van as my #1 favorite. They are the most beautiful cats I have ever seen and the fact that they love water is just a unique bonus. This is my dream cat and when I get the chance (and find a breeder where I live) I WILL get one and name her Cali (if female) or Havoc (if male). *Cough* Well as you can see I've been planning on getting one for a LONG time. I have also researched them for a long time too to ensure this is the cat for me, and so far the only thing against them is that from what I've read they don't like to be held. Other than that they fit perfectly with everything I want in a pet cat, and much, much more.

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