About zombies

First off, what are zombies? Zombies are the reanimated bodies of the dead, not to be confused with the infected in the movies 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, which were NOT zombies as they are still alive. Zombies are people that recently died whose bodies' are reanimated and have a taste for human flesh. The only way to "kill" a zombie is to destroy the brain.

Zombie Fanfiction

You'd be surprised at how many zombie fics there really are out there... This fanlisting (and fansite/shrine if you want to call it that) will list some of those really good ones. On the Recommendations page you will find the fics that I find the best, those on the regular list are the runner ups.

How a fic gets listed

Recommendations List

As I said, only the fics I think are the best are on the rec page, so how do I decide? A fic must fit:

- Follows the Zombie Mythology How close it is to correct zombie lore?
- Characters are in character Do the characters' actions and reactions stay true to their character?
- Reader's connection Does the reader get a feeling from reading the fic? (worry for the character, tension at certain scenes, etc...)
Only fics that fit all three of these and fit them PERFECTLY will they be listed on the Rec list.

Regular List

This page somewhat follows the above rules, but there are exceptions, meaning there might be some slight out of charcter moments in some of these fics.