Fanfiction List

Epidemic by ArsonParty

"You just shot a soldier!" Ed screamed, but Roy cut him off before he could get any further. They both had eyes. They could see what was going on here. "That wasn't a normal soldier." came his almost stoic-sounding reply. Zombie!Fic - Fullmetal Alchemist fic

Hunger by RenaRoo

The turtles must survive the Zombie Apocalypse, but how? And how can mild mannered Donatello overcome an unsettling viewpoint on the entire scenario? Very gory. Very funnily gory. - Ninja Turtles fic

Ron of the Dead by whitem

My 2nd entry into the Halloween contest. "T" rating may be pushed to the limit with decriptions. And yes, it's a 'flesh eating zombie' story. Please read at your own risk... - Kim Possible fic

Undead by Liannis

How would NCIS handle zombies? - NCIS fic

We Have Procedures For This by spoodle monkey

I don't think we have security protocols for zombies, G. SamG SLASH - NCIS: Los Angeles fic