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English Name: Marcus Damon
Japanese Name: Masaru Daimon
Digivice: Orange iC
Birthday: April 2
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: B
Partner: Botamon, Koromon, Agumon, GeoGreymon, RiseGreymon, ShineGreymon

Masaru calls himself the best street fighter. He fights with gangs where he's out numbered 10 to 1 all the time. When Yoshino tries to take away his new friend Agumon, Masaru hides him. Agumon is hungry so Masaru goes to buy food for him. While paying for the food Yoshino appears. She knows all about him and she introduces herself as a member of the DATS field team. She tries to get him to tell her were he hid Agumon but Masaru refuses. She then says that Digimon don't eat normal food, they can only eat specially made food and that Agumon will die if he doesn't eat soon. Of course Yoshino was lying, but Masaru didn't know that, so he agrees to go with her to DATS headquarters to talk to the Captain. While talking to Captain Satsuma, a Digimon is attacking a hamburger shop and everyone thinks it's Agumon. Masaru runs off to stop Agumon, only to find out that it wasn't Agumon attacking the shop, it was Cockatrimon. Masaru climbs onto Cockatrimon's back and tries to fight it while Agumon shoots his fireballs at it. It looks like they are winning until Cockatrimon uses his special attack and injures Agumon badly. Masaru rushes to Agumon's side but he isn't answering him. Angry, Masaru runs up and attacks Cockatrimon. Somehow Masaru is able to hurt Cockatrimon as a cloud of orange data covers his fist. An old man named Yushima throws him an iC digivice. Masaru charges his Digisoul into the digivice and Agumon evolves into GeoGreymon and kills Cockatrimon. Later on, Masaru becomes the leader of the DATS field team.

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